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 Lenka - Bring Me Down

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MesajKonu: Lenka - Bring Me Down   C.tesi Ağus. 28, 2010 11:39 am

So, here we are again
staring at the end of what we made and who we are
Never knowing when
One of us will break apart and walk the other way
love, I don't know what to say
love, I don't know how to stay when you won't
let me be the person that I am...
The writing's on the wall
There's nothing to say anymore
So I'll leave before I fall apart right back into your arms
The writing's on the wall
You gave nothing and I gave it all
But I want something better
And I won't let this burden bring me down.
What are we to do
What are we to say to one another now we're through
Thanks for being you
Thanks for being all the things I had to say goodbye to
I'm over being lied to
I'm over being pushed into the
person that you want me to become....
Where did we go wrong?
We let it go so wrong
But now there's no point turning back lets face the facts...

EmmaRoberts ♥️

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Lenka - Bring Me Down
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